Is Your Child Overweight?

Fast Food

Parenting a child can be a difficult task, especially if that child already has underlying health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of children and young adults in the United States were overweight or obese in 2012. Mothers across the country are facing an obesity epidemic, both for themselves and their children. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that mothers pay close attention to their child's dietary habits. Activities such as talking to doctors, providing the child with healthy food and physical activity will aid you in any attempts to prevent obesity in your son or daughter.

Talk to a Medical Professional

If your child is already healthy, he or she should still have yearly checkups with a general practitioner. However, if he or she is showing signs of being overweight, you could consult with a medical professional who has been trained in the science of nutrition. An overweight child needs a meal plan and a stable daily schedule to achieve healthy goals. A concerned parent should make an appointment with a specialist and get an expert opinion.

Replace Fast Food With Healthy Food

Many American children eat fast food and unhealthy microwavable food due to the cheap price and easy attainability. However, this food can create havoc and supply empty calories in the body of a child who eats it excessively. Replace quick meals of chicken nuggets and pizza with salad and sandwiches loaded with vegetables. Also, use leaner cuts of meat such as chicken and turkey when including animal products in a child's meal. This will prevent the consumption of empty calories, and will likely give the child more energy to make it through the day as well as nutrients for proper growth.

Make Healthy Food More Fun

Giving a child motivation to eat healthy food is essential to do when your little one is overweight and a picky eater. Snacks such as carrots and nuts may not seem exciting to a child at first, but arranging them in a fun pattern or offering special treats after the completion of nutritious snacks will certainly aid the process. When you make your child's lunch, include two small snacks, a sandwich or hearty salad and a dessert. Do this instead of providing money for a lunch purchase. Children will usually appreciate the fullness of the meal as well as the fact that you took the time to prepare it.