Four Fun Crafts You Can Do With Construction Paper

Kids and adults alike love crafting. In fact, crafting together can be a wonderful bonding activity. Set aside some time one afternoon this week and help your child strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills as well as their finger dexterity by working on one of these fun crafts. Plus, all of these craft ideas make great decorations or toys. Discover four fun crafts you can do with construction paper with the special child in your life today! Learn how to make swirly flowers, paper blocks, and more!

Swirly Paper Flowers

These Swirly Paper Flowers are a great craft to do with children, plus the final product is beautiful. This is an especially fun project to do right after reading Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, which is a great story and was a winner of the American Book Award. The flowers you make look a lot like the flowers, the lupines, in the story. It is also a great project to do in the spring to herald in the upcoming new flowers. Of course, a bouquet of these flowers would make a wonderful centerpiece to keep the gloom of winter at bay too, so make this craft whenever the mood strikes.

Construction Paper and Glue Chalkboards

Chalkboard paint is all the rage these days. Yet sometimes, finding something to paint on, getting your table set up for messy paint, and so forth, can be quite the production. Instead, try making these little chalkboards out of construction paper and glue. It is a great little craft to do because it is practical and inexpensive. Once your chalkboards are complete, sit down with your child and help them practice their letters and numbers. These little chalkboards are also great to help your child play with and learn math.

Paper crafts

Construction Paper Cubes

If you have a future engineer, architects, artist, carpenter, or a kid who simply loves to build things, try making these construction paper cubes. This is a very creative project that helps kids learn how three dimensional objects are made from two dimensional objects. Furthermore, it is a very flexible project that you can customize with a little bit of math. Make several cubes and then build something with those cubes. Allow the cube you make to be the base for a paper sculpture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this project.

Paper Doll Chains

Paper doll chains are a great way to help your child decorate their room You can simply make the dolls with construction paper and tape them up on the wall. However, you can get really creative with these dolls. These dolls can be turned into their favorite fictional character, soldiers, police men, princesses, aliens, and/or whatever else your child wants them to be. Furthermore, you can have your kids make the dolls look like each other, their friends, or other family members. Change the template around a little bit and you can make paper chains that look like cats, dogs, trees, or anything else you can come up with. This is a great and simple project that allows for a lot of creativity.

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