Cupcakes for Everyone!


Cupcakes are a versatile and popular treat for any occasion. They allow for perfect portion control and are fast & easy to serve to family and friends. They don't even necessarily require the use of a plate. Read on for some great ideas about how to incorporate cupcakes into your next family gathering or event.

Holidays and special occasions typically include fun foods and beverages. If you are planning a party or BBQ and want to bake something unique, why not serve some fun cupcakes? Add jellybeans or marshmallow peeps as toppers for Easter cupcakes, or add green sprinkles for Saint Patrick's Day. Use chocolate icing and make eyes and smiling mouths using piped icing for gingerbread boys and girls at Christmastime, or make red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Think about your own family's traditions and gain inspiration for what they would appreciate seeing on, or even in, a cupcake.

Sometimes families throw a party to welcome the first day of each new season. You can bake cupcakes for an occasion such as this as well. Why not use pearlized jimmies, marshmallows and white frosting to create snowy scenes or snowmen cupcake toppers? Bake cupcakes ahead of the party, and then allow guests to come up with their own icing and topping designs. For a first day of fall party consider using caramel, diced nuts or apples as toppers. Guests will love being able to relax and enjoy a fun and creative treat.

If you are throwing an adult party, why not experiment with baking cupcakes and making icings that are infused with alcohol and liqueurs? The website offers wonderful recipes for the adult palate. If you feel intimidated about baking with beer and liqueur, use this site as a starting point. Also keep in mind that it is a good idea to always slant your cupcake offerings to the time of year and occasion. For example, you may want to serve strawberry daiquiri cupcakes in warm months, and Guinness cupcakes in cooler months.

If you are baking for someone with dietary restrictions, do not despair. Cupcakes really are for everyone. There are plenty of recipes that use coconut flour and coconut oil and milk, so you can adjust your recipes to be dairy free. If you are trying to cut sugar from a recipe, try sweetening with maple syrup, honey, agave or coconut sugar.

Have fun brainstorming wonderful baking ideas with your friends and family members. Spread a little bit of joy and tastiness in your cupcake endeavors!



Easy Kid’s Party Ideas

Group Of Happy Kids Roasting Marshmallows On Campfire

Planning a spectacular birthday party is on every mom's agenda, but sometimes a busy mom needs some help to fit party planning into her schedule. If you need easy party ideas for your kids, look no further. This article will discuss several easy ideas for three different age groups.

3-5 Years Old: Movie Magic

To plan the perfect birthday extravaganza for 3-5 year old kids, use their favorite children's movie as an easy theme. Choosing from movies such as Cinderella, The Lion King or Cars will immerse kids in their favorite story and will surround them with favorite characters. This theme can be incorporated into decorations, the cake theme and party favors. Since many 3-5 year olds are very visual, make sure that they can see their favorite characters at every turn!

6-8 Years Old: Mad Scientist Theme

When children are between 6-8 years old, you can create a fun birthday party that also incorporates some learning. With a science themed party, you could plan several fun science experiments for kids to participate in (such as making slime). This would not only add to the excitement of the party, but would provide kids with instant party favors as well!

9-12 Years Old: Backyard Campout

Finally, for children ages 9-12, a backyard campout is the perfect solution for a summer extravaganza. Borrow tents from neighbors or relatives and set them around a fire pit. Have guests plan on a sleepover and bring their own sleeping bags. Party activities could include telling ghost stories, making s'mores or roasting hot dogs for dinner. When it is time to turn in for the night, kids can sleep under the stars in the safety of your backyard. Just make sure to have an indoor option available in case of rain!

Planning a great party does not have to take a lot of time or money. As a busy mom, you can plan an entertaining event with limited time and on a budget. Depending on the age of your kids, a movie theme, science theme, or backyard campout might be the perfect party solution. Whatever you decide, your kids will love you for the effort you put into their special day.


Party Drinks for Kids

13-12-2 pina coladas 900x603

Holiday parties are a time for family and friends to get together to celebrate. Hosting a party is fun and rewarding, but it takes a little extra consideration to make sure that everyone feels included. Non-alcoholic party drinks for kids will let them feel like a part of the grown up crowd.

Tropical, Fruity Drinks

Children are attracted to bright colors, which makes tropical fruity drink variations a sure hit at any gathering. Sweet punches are easy to make and can be modified in ways that appeal to the younger taste, and also fit the theme of the holidays.

Lime Sherbet Punch

  • 2 Quarts of Lime Sherbet
  • 2 Liters of Ginger Ale or Sprite
  • 1 Can of Pineapple Juice
  • Assorted Fruit (orange slices, Maraschino cherries)

Mix all of the ingredients into a big bowl. This punch is a bright, festive green color. The additional fruit and floating sherbet dress up the presentation, intriguing kids to take a taste. If they're old enough, let them stir up the punch. You can also make ice cubes in advance using the juice instead of water.


Non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks are perfect for teenagers who want to taste classic recipes but are not yet old enough for liquor. Consider having a signature cocktail for the night, one for adults and one suitable for the kids to drink. A Pina Colada is simple to make, and can be dressed up for a holiday party with creative garnishes.

Virgin Pina Colada

  • 1/4 Cup of Ice
  • 1 Cup of Pineapple Juice
  • 1 Cup of Coconut Milk
  • 1 Cup of Pineapple Chunks

Blend all of these ingredients for up to 4 servings at a time. To make a few batches ahead of time, repeat the recipe and add the finished product into a punch bowl.

Serving Tips

Let the kids use fancy cocktail glasses or holiday theme glasses for their drinks, but be sure they are easy to distinguish from the ones used by adults. Let them have fun decorating their drinks with an assortment of garnishes that can be set out buffet style. Demonstrate how to add a wedge of fruit to the side of the glass. Also create small skewers of cherries, grapes, and other small fruit to make non-alcoholic drinks as fun as real cocktails.


Last Minute Halloween!

13-10-21 ghost costume 900x600

Quick & Easy Costume Ideas for Your KidsEvery mom knows that time is of the essence when making life happy and healthy for your child, and that is ever true around holidays and special seasonal times. If you are a mom who is struggling to come up with ideas late in the season, and is short on time and money this Halloween, then read this quick guide of tips for making Halloween party outfits that are easy and often use materials you have around your house or that you can buy on a dime!

The Mummy:  Grab a roll of toilet paper and get to wrapping up your sweet little one like a mummy! This outfit works well with strips of old white T-shirts or sheets, as well. Be creative, and make sure to wrap the toilet paper or cloth strips lightly. You can leave your child's face free and simply wrap a few strips around his or her forehead. (Make sure they go to the bathroom first!)

The Gardener:  If you have a pair of overalls, a plaid shirt, a sun hat and a watering can, then you have an instant gardener outfit! To add to the novelty of this outfit, you also could fill a basket with flowers or vegetables. When your child collects candy, he or she can trade your neighbor for it with a flower or fruit. Add a small garden tool sticking out of a pocket.

The Olympiad:  Celebrate the Olympics by outfitting your child in running shorts and a T-shirt. If it's warm outside, try goggles and a swimsuit, and if it's cold, try a track suit (or even add stripes down the side of some old sweats). Make your own Olympic gold medal with a piece of yarn and construction paper.

The Pumpkin:  Who doesn't love a cute pumpkin? Outfit your child in an orange T-shirt or sweatshirt and orange sweatpants. Use a black permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the T-shirt or sweatshirt. Make sure to put cardboard in between the shirt or sweatshirt layers to prevent the marker from bleeding through the layers. Plop a green knit hat or headband on top for the finishing touch.

The Ghost:  Who hasn't been a ghost as a child?  It's the easiest costume of all. Find an old sheet at your local thrift shop, cut out some eye holes and a small mouth, if desired. Embellish with a marker (using cardboard behind the face).So what if you are a little late to the game this season? There's still time to outfit your child in some terrific duds for the ultimate candy season! Moms who want easy, quick and affordable Halloween costume ideas need look no further. You will be ready for the neighborhood party in no time by dressing up your child in one of these cute costumes!

Making a Safe and Fun Halloween Party

Four young friends and a woman at Halloween eating treats and sm

Boo! It's that time of the year for trick o' treaters, delicious candy, haunted houses and ghoulish parties. Yes, some people go to great financial lengths to pull off a Halloween extravaganza, with dry ice machines, pyrotechnics, catered food or even hired actors to play zombies and vampires! However, let's get real, the materials needed to make a fun, yet safe, Halloween party can easily be found. This would be a good time to check the garage, kitchen, bedroom and basement, for potential decoration ideas. Ghosts, spiderwebs, tombstones and traditional luminaries are decorations that can be made from everyday objects found in home.

Typically, Halloween luminaries are not safe; lunch bags with votive candles are a recipe for disaster, but there's a way around this problem. Rather than using a candle, try scrunching up sheets of yellow tissue paper and place them inside the lunch bag. For a little shimmer, add some glitter to the tissue, or apply glitter spray to the outside of the bag. The finished luminaries would look great surrounded by some creepy spiderwebs. If you happen to have small, battery operated lights, you could add those as well.

There are a few different approaches for making spiderwebs. Webs could look sleek and shiny or old and fuzzy. By far, cobwebs are the easiest type of spiderwebs to make, and they're probably the most creepy. Cotton balls, gauze and poly-fiber fill are all good materials for cobwebs. For fresh webs, try knotting together some silver holiday tinsel, or use an entire roll of plastic food wrap and twist it up to make webs. These webs would look eerie, when draped upon some haunting tombstones in a graveyard.

A do-it-yourself graveyard is a real treat to make! Along with luminaries and spiderwebs, homemade tombstones and ghosts add a spooky touch. For tombstones, find any cardboard box laying around, and cut out the desired shape and paint it. A coffin shape would also be a grand idea! To make the tombstones and coffins extra scary, add some blood red paint. For little ghosts, wrap up balls of old socks in white towels, sheets and construction paper; use holiday ornament hooks and string to hang them from the trees. The finished graveyard, or haunted house, would be a perfect place to set up tables, chairs and food, for the party. To make the party even spookier, have a CD of scary sounds playing in the background!