Getting Kids to Spend More Time With their Grandparents

Spending time with grandparents is an integral part of childhood and can offer truly special memories.  More importantly a kid needs to have fun with their grandparents.  Here are some great activities for kids to do with their grandparents to create priceless memories for everyone.

Cook a Family Recipe Together

Does your family have a secret heirloom recipe?  If so kids helping their grandparent cook this dish helps children learn about their heritage and allows grandparents to tell the story behind the recipe for some additional information an on the family tree.

Create a Family Scrapbook

By doing this, especially if grandparents live far away, kids have a wonderful chance to learn about their family by going through old pictures and records.  This would be a great summer project and a fun way to teach a child about their family tree and history.  Putting names to pictures is invaluable as it creates a new dimension of learning about one’s family and provides an easy way for a child to learn.


Field Trips

Getting out of the house and taking special trips with grandparents also leads to wonderful bonding time and special memories.  Fun activities include going to the zoo, a museum, local parks, or even arranging weekly dinners at a favorite restaurant.  This creates structure and gives kids something to look forward to.  A promised outing to the zoo is also a great way to get your kids to behave so they can enjoy a fun trip.

Embrace Technology

To introduce youngsters and older generations to technology arranging video chats is a fun and beneficial activity to both parties.  Even if you are far away from grandparents advances like Skype make it possible to have a face to face call with someone on the opposite side of the globe.  Kids will realize they can speak to their grandparents whenever they like and grandparents have the sense of knowing that long distances are no longer as limiting as they used to be.

Sharing Hobbies

Encourage your kids to learn a new craft, skill, or hobby from their grandparents.  Sadly these arts are a dying breed and to have such a hobby is not only immensely satisfying it is a great way to brings kids and grandparents closer together.  These dying arts are also very valuable to be familiar with as they might include sewing, woodworking, and baking among other things.  These areas offer life lessons that child will most likely be very grateful for.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Above all else, grandparents are pillars of values, morals, and knowledge.  They can offer deeper and more meaningful lessons based on what they have been through in life and their generational perspective.  The more time kids spend with their grandparents the more of their wisdom they are exposed to and this is a priceless gift.  In addition to being the best caregivers after parents grandparents are there to provide wisdom, guidance, and answers to  help their grandchildren grow into better people.