5 Summer Must-do Adventures for Toddlers

Summertime is the best time for going hiking, swimming, to the park or zoo or just sleeping under the stars in the backyard.  Toddlers, of course, need constant, or nearly constant, supervision, but there are great adventures to be had.  The best part of adventures with toddlers is that everything is new to them and exciting.  Yes, they get bored easily or frustrated at not being able to do something, but the right structure will at least offer a chance for plenty of fun and amazement.

Water Park

Naturally, summer, kids and water go together and a water park is a great place to cool off and spend a day in the sun. Every water park will have different areas geared towards each age group. One of the best usually consists of a rectangular wading pool with ankle-deep water and plenty of sprinkers in fun shapes like giant mushrooms. With plenty of chaise lounges nearby for moms to sit, watch, and hang out with other moms, this is a great solution for a fun day out.

Summer Must-do Adventures for Toddlers

Coming in for a Landing

Take a sightseeing trip to the local airport. I can remember doing this as a kid and loving it. Most airports have places to go and observe take-offs and landings, such as a grassy spot beside one of the outlying fences to sit and watch.  Some even have play areas for kids with picnic tables, sandboxes, and swings. And it’s free. I’m always up for free entertainment, and moms will love this trip too.

The City Bus

Most cities have some type of public transportation by bus that allows hitting the town on a padded seat with climate control for as long as you like.  For a small fare, you and your toddler can ride as long as he wants.  When I would stay with my grandmother in the summer we would do this and I loved it!  She didn’t drive and rode the bus everywhere.  We would get on at her house and ride to the end of the line and back.

The Beach

Although there are some who do not like the beach, there are plenty who do, and hundreds or thousands of them are kids. What’s not to love? Kids can hang out in a cool swimsuit, dig forever in the sand, build sand castles, dip their toes in the ocean (closely supervised), and dip and dump water pails for hours. Most beaches are free and if you pack a picnic you have a mostly free day of an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Nature Walks

There are plenty of parks and places to hike, see some beautiful scenery and enjoy the great outdoors.  If you live near the mountains, or even if you don’t, this makes a great day trip or week-long family adventure.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful winding landmark that meanders through Virginia and North Carolina, joining to Skyline Drive in North Carolina.  The parkway offers plenty of scenic outlooks and overlooks, shady streams to picnic at, hiking trails, and dotted along the way with picnic areas and nature’s beauty.  There are easy trails and trails for serious hikers.  Stop by Otter Creek and let the kid’s get their feet wet.  They will have a ball.

Family time in the summertime doesn’t have to be expensive or even pre-planned.  Sometimes it’s fun to just pack up and hit the road looking for adventure.