Six Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Summertime is a great time to be a kid…until it rains! Stormy days bring on the boredom and the whining! As much as parents sometimes love a good thunderstorm and a nap, kids often don’t see the nap thing as part of the plan. What are some activities you can do with kids at home on a rainy day after you have already watched Frozen or some other animated movie at least a dozen times? Here are six rainy day activities for kids.

Six Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Craft Time

Savvy parents never throw away anything! Pull out the craft box and get started! Some good ideas are cereal box jet-packs, paper towel roll light sabers, purses, hats and other odd ball stuff. Just let your imagination run wild and make craft time Some adult supervision may be needed with glue or other items, but let them have fun with it.

Build a Fort

Go old-school, and build a fort in the dining room. Make a quick run-through and remove breakable treasures. Pull out the extra blankets, sheets and pillows. They can read, play games or even take a nap in their forts. They can even play “defend the fort” using those paper towel roll light sabers!

Play Cards or Board Games

Play cards or board games with the kids on a rainy day. Anything from Candyland and Hi, Ho, Cheerios! for little ones to Monopoly and Scrabble for older kids. Take some time and teach your kids some of your old favorites with just a regular deck of cards. Who needs Uno cards when you know how to play Crazy 8’s! Even Go, Fish! is easy for young kids to learn. Can’t remember the rules? A quick internet search will have you playing in not time!

Make Cookies

Most of us have on hand the ingredients for sugar or peanut butter cookies. Let the kids help make cookies and have an ooey, gooey treat in less than 45 minutes! This is a great opportunity to teach kids how to follow a recipe and use kitchen utensils. They can also help in the cleanup while the cookies are baking.

Make a City

Get out the Hot Wheels cars and some washi tape (or painter’s tape) and get going. Use the tape to make a city with roads and parking lots. Boxes or cans from the pantry can serve as buildings. The tape comes up easily with no damage to your floors. This activity can provide hours of fun for kids as they zoom their cars through the city and build new roads.

Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping can be the best fun! You can set up a small tent or make one from chairs and sheets. Get out the sleeping bags, make a pretend fire and other camping accoutrements and tell ghost stories with the lights off or eat microwave Smores together.

These six rainy day activities for kids can save you from watching Frozen a dozen times and hearing “I’m bored” over and over again on a stormy day!



10 Classic Rainy Day Activities for Teens

When your children were small it seemed easier to entertain them even if you were stuck indoors on a rainy day.  But now that they are teenagers, how can you meet the demands of their energy and satisfy their cries of boredom? Well, we are here to help with a list of ten classic rainy day activities that every teen will love.


Fun for the Kid in All of Us!

Games That Never Grow Old

Even if your teenagers think they are too big for some games, trust us when we say that some games will faithfully entertain all of your children, no matter how old they get!  Here are three such games with some ideas for variations.

  1. Dig out all of the spare blankets, scoot the furniture around and build forts.  Let your teenagers have a Nerf gun war or camp out and read books, make shadow puppets or watch a movie!
  2. Play hide and go seek!  The whole family can play and for an extra challenge, play at night with all of the lights off!
  3. Put on a talent show for dinner!  Rummage through closets to create outrageous costumes, create skits together, and discover hidden talents!  Have fun and laugh until your face hurts!

10 Classic Rainy Day Activities for Teens

Brain Games

Every Teen Loves a Challenge!

The teenage years are a significant period of developing brain power, so be sure to encourage your teenager’s curiosities and have fun learning together with these great indoor games!

  1. Stock up on board and table games that challenge strategy, financial smarts or trivia knowledge!  Some classic games include Monopoly, Chess, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Battleship and Jenga.
  2. Create an online scavenger hunt and let your teenagers loose on the technology for a little while to see who can find everything on the list first.  Your teens will be learning new facts as well as how to efficiently use the Internet at the same time.  Use any theme that challenges your children’s interests!
  3. Teach your teens a new skill!  Try out a new recipe in the kitchen, take up knitting needles or head out to the garage to learn how to work on the car or repair their bicycle tire.


 The Sensational and Inspirational

Silly and Serious Fun for Your Teens

Here are a few suggestions for more serious endeavors or for being just plain silly that your teens will enjoy:

  1. Have a poetry reading.  Try writing your own or choose a work by a favorite poet.
  2. Everyone is an architect!  See what you can build using marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti sticks.  Or use the classic deck of cards.
  3. Create a vision board for your dreams for the next year.  Find pictures in magazines or online to cut out and paste to your board.
  4. Play speed card games like Spoons or Dutch Blitz.  You can even play speed Scrabble with just the letter tiles too!

The ideas are endless, but these are few favorites that are simple, inexpensive and you probably already have everything you need right at home!