Save Time and Money With a Shopping List

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Busy moms need all the tips and tricks they can get to keep things running smoothly for the family. Shopping for groceries and household items is something that must be done, but is often dreaded due to the time needed and the expense that adds up quickly. One time saver that can also help in saving money, getting you in and out of the store in short order, is to rely on a well thought out shopping list. You can gather up the coupons you'll use as well. While planning the shopping does take some focused time and effort, it is well worth it when you can breeze through the store easily and efficiently.

Plan Ahead

• Menu Plan - taking some time to think about your menu plan, and making your grocery list according to it, means you minimize the time you need to shop. This happens because with a good list, you simply have to breeze through and check things off instead of consider what you’re getting while standing in the aisles. You're likely to spend more than you want if you don't plan ahead.

• Master Plan - if you keep a master plan of the things you typically buy on every shopping trip, you can print it out or save it on your smart phone and simply add the extras to it each week. This method can work with menu plans as well; keep a rotating menu plan for easy planning.

• Note It - anytime you notice something running low, such as dish soap or toothpaste, go ahead at get it noted on your list right then while you are thinking about it. Busy moms tend to notice the need, then file it away and forget it amid the bustle of daily life. This happens to me often, and then I remember the needed item after I have come home from shopping. Frustrating!

• Make It Easy - on your shopping day, it is a good idea have something easy planned for supper. Take out is a great way to come home from shopping with the meal already taken care of. Sandwiches or other such light and easy foods work as well.

Stick to It

In spite of all the good things at the store, avoid purchases that are not in the plan. Obviously, if you remember something that is needed, then get it. If you’re shopping with the kids, you might let each one pick one thing if they're behaving.

A well thought out list that you stick to is a time saver and the key to saving money in the store.