Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

As Christmas time rolls around the Secret Santa sign ups are posted in the offices. These gift exchanges can be very fun, but sometimes they are a little stressful if you don’t particularly know the person you are giving a gift to very well. Never fear! Our Secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers are here! You’ll be able to choose a gift that just about everyone would love.

A Nice Candle

Almost everyone loves candles! You can find some nice monogrammed candles, scented candles, and unscented candles all over the internet and in many different stores. Try to find out if your Secret Santa has a scent they prefer. If you are unsure, either get something that is Christmas smell themed or unscented. Be sure the gift-candle either comes in a container or your provide something to set the candle on or in so that burning your present is easy for the recipient.

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, which is wonderful unless it is cold out and you do not have tech-savvy gloves. Get your co-worker gloves that have little touch screen-compatible gloves. You can find them at different price points and in a variety of colors. When in doubt on color choice, either match the glove color to the coat or hat the recipient has been wearing around.

A Plant in a Pretty Planter

For the secret Santa that has a green thumb, or is always complaining about the cold, a plant is a perfect thing to give to warm things up (visually) at their desk. We recommend succulent plants very highly. Succulent plants require very little water, do very well in florescent lights, and tend to not give off any allergens. Give the plant in a pretty planter for a completely luxurious feeling gift. You can even get planters made out of hallowed out tree trunks!

Gourmet Tea Pods

If your office is all about K-Cups, but really only has a wide coffee selection, this gift is perfect for the tea drinker. You can find K-Cups that brew the perfect cup of tea in the Keurig from a variety of different gourmet tea manufacturers. For instance, The Republic of Tea makes wonderful “tea pods”. Celestial Seasonings also makes some great tea oriented K-Cups. Round out the gift with some honey and a nice or funny mug.

Engraved Luggage Tags

If your Secret Santa is constantly going out on business trips, this might be the perfect gift for them. Pottery Barn offers classy silver-plated luggage tags, and I’m sure you could look elsewhere for other sorts of fancy luggage tags with that personal touch.


Hardly ever spoken to your Secret Santa and have no idea what to get them? Everyone loves gourmet chocolates. Godiva, Fanny Mae, and See’s are all great chocolate choices. Also, look for chocolatiers in your area for locally made fine chocolate because they often have the tastiest confectioneries in the area.

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