Teaching Your Child Self-Respect

Teaching Your Child Self-Respect

Teaching your child self-respect will help them strive to be successful. Their self-respect will determine many things as their personality, character and how they will interact with others. Your children won’t know self-respect unless it is taught by someone they trust.

For you to begin to teach your children self-respect you need to have self-respect of your own. You ultimately have to practice what you teach. Having a strong sense of self will give you and your children the healthy mind set to make responsible decisions and be respectful to others.

Tip #1

The first step is to love your child no matter what. Even if you don’t particularly like a certain thing you need to love them unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how old they are either they will understand feel the love and acceptance. You must always treat your children with respect. This shows them early on how to respect and love others too.

Tip #2

Have interest in your child’s life. Ask questions, get involved and most importantly play with them. Keeping eye contact with your child when they speak will show them how much you and how they can trust you. You want that with your child, you want them to trust you with everything because this shape their self-respect. It may not seem like a lot but to a child it means everything.

Tip #3

Expressing your pride to your children often, encourage them. Tell them how much you appreciate the chores they did for you or how proud you are of the B+ they got on their last math test. Look for small things to boost their self-esteem. Try leaving notes in their lunch box with words of encouragement. Small things like this will add up and show how much you care for your child and this will also shape their self-esteem and self-respect they have for themselves.

Tip #4

Teach your child that failing is okay. Show them how you fail, give them examples how you tried but still failed. Mistakes are part of life and you must instill this into your children. It’s not a good idea to give your child the fantasy that life is always full of good. Once your children know that the world is full of opportunities to make mistakes. This gives them the chance to learn and grow from their failures and get back up and try again.

This will create your children to become resilient. This will give your children the inner power to want to keep trying and achieving their goals no matter what. They will start to enjoy overcoming challenges and everyday struggles they might face. This will create a strong self-respect they will take with them into adulthood and their career.

Teaching your child self-respect is a simple as practicing what you preach. Give them love and acceptance and they will grow a strong sense of self. Treat yourself with respect and your children will lead by example.