Values Every Kid Must Learn

Values Every Kid Must Learn


When it comes to kids, there are certain values they should probably learn early on. Knowing which values to teach them right away can be difficult to decide on. You want to do right by your kids and get those values into them as soon as possible. So, which ones matter the most? Well, here are a few of the most important.


Hard Work

This is a classic, but still a staple for any child early on. They want a new game or toy? Have them work for it. Need to replace a broken device? Have them work for it. Obviously, this varies between children and their age. Most of the time you can just have them do extra tasks around the house. For example they make the bed, sweep the floor, or maybe even just remember to wash a dish after they eat. When it comes to an older child like a teenager suggest they do odd jobs around the neighborhood to raise the cash to get what they want. Or, if not, they get half and you pay half for the item they want. This will teach your child the value of what they have, and make them appreciate it more versus just handing it to them.



Kids may have a hard time grasping this one. However, it’s still very important. Knowing how to care about not only other people, but other living things such as pets can play a big part in how they interact with the world later in life. Being able to feel, and express, compassion to someone who truly needs it can play a big role in how they grow up as adults. Not only will it make them a kinder person, but it will help them to be able to interact with other people much easier.



Now, the value of sharing can be a delicate matter. It’s good to make clear right from the start your child is allowed to set some things aside they absolutely do not want to share. For example, maybe it can be a toy they particularly love or a treasured possession they take good care of. Let them know sharing also has many benefits. Not only does it make them feel happy, but it makes the other person happy as well. Sharing will help them to know that an object’s worth is only as great as how much they feel it is. It can also help them to be less greedy and possessive when they become older.


These are valuable values to teach any child. The concept of hard work, sharing, and compassion are good building blocks to start off as. There are others as well that are valuable for any child to learn. Each child is their own human being with their own thoughts and feelings. How one child feels one way another won’t feel the same. Do your best to find out what works best for your child. They may pick up some values faster than others, so adjust your approach accordingly.



Holidays: Giving and Sharing

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The holidays are a very exciting time of the year, especially for children. It is a time when we spend time with the people we love and enjoy good food. It is also a time where we have the privilege of giving and receiving great gifts. However, it is very easy for us to forget about those who are less fortunate during this time of the year. Many people lack the basic necessities, and others have been affected by the poor economy, so it is important for people to make a tradition of sharing with those in need if they are able to help.

You should also teach your children the importance of sharing and giving. If you teach your children about giving now, then they will most likely continue to help people when they get older. Below are some of the ways that you and your children can help others during the holidays:

Help a Food Drive

Many non-profit organizations hold food drives throughout the holiday season and are in need of people to donate food. You should buy some food for a food drive and take your children with you. Explain to your children that some people are unable to purchase food and need other people to help them. Canned meat/fish, canned packaged meals, canned fruit, vegetables, peanut butter and boxed meals are examples of some of the items that you can donate to a food drive. Many grocery stores and businesses have food barrels during the holidays, but food banks need help year-round. You may also want to consider volunteering at a food bank. Donating your time is just as important as donating food!

Buying Presents For A Toy Drive

Many children would not get anything for Christmas if it was not for the generous donations of other people. That is why you may want to consider buying some presents for a Christmas Giving Tree Project or local toy drive. Donations typically need to be new and unwrapped. This is another way that you can teach your children to help other children, who are less fortunate.

Donate Warm Coats

Warm coats are something that most of us take for granted. You should donate unneeded warm coats to people who are less fortunate. One Warm Coat is an organization that accepts coat donations for people who are in need, as well as gloves and scarves.

Hopefully your children will better appreciate what they have and come to enjoy giving to others.