5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Two Year Old Away From Tablets

Let's be real: kids these days are different, entertainment is different, and technology is everywhere. The world is at our fingertips with our smart devices, and all of this is just as available to our kids as it is to us. We, however, like to think we know how to handle it in moderation; kids do not. What's the result? Kids who must be entertained at all times, who rely solely on technology to do it, who don't know what it's like to get outside. In order to avoid this for your child, eliminate the seed from being planted as early as two years old, and keep the tablets away. Here's why.

They Develop a Dependency on Entertainment

When we were kids, there were times we were bored. Sure, we fussed and cried about it some, but the result was perhaps a form of discipline that got us being more appreciative of what we had to play with. If not? We were just bored, and that's okay. Life isn't all about being entertained, although the convenient accessibility of tablets and smart devices would lead us to believe it is. The fact is, by giving your two your old a tablet to play with when he's fussy, you're teaching him that fussing will give him what he wants, and that he can always be entertained – and we all know that's not accurate. It's the easy way out for you, but it's wrongful teaching for your child.

Reasons You Should Keep Your Two Year Old Away From Tablets

They Become Gamers, Not Adventurers

If you've ever tried to carry on a conversation with an 8 year old, it didn't take you long to figure out that most can talk your ear off about apps and Minecraft and video games, but very few talk about climbing trees or building forts. Imagination has really taken a hit since tablets have taken over our households and become the go-to solution as a quick fix for a fussy child. Adventuring is a game that will start or stop early on in a child's life – so keeping tablets a way is a great way to promote a strong start.

Their Health Will Decline

Kids simply don't exercise when they use tablets. It's a stagnant activity, one that's done sitting around. Over time, this is going to wreak havoc on the health of your child. You don't quite realize just how much sitting around takes its toll until obesity sets in – a huge problem with many young children in America today. Prevent health issues early on by nipping tablet usage in the bud at an early age.

They Aren't Very Socialized

As they get sucked into tablet world early on in life, they miss out on all types of conversations and opportunities to make friends and meet new people. As a result, they often grow up and get into a classroom of kids and awkwardly withdraw. The only place they find comfort and solace is in the presence of their precious iPad – friends don't quite make the cut.

They'll Always Need the Latest and Greatest Technology

It's true that it starts young, and it's true for pretty much any desirable object... we always want the latest and greatest. Before the age of buying 6 year olds cell phones, however, parents actually said “No”. A child who hears “no” early on in life will be more likely to adapt to an answer they don't want to hear later on, say, around 16 years old when they're wanting a car. Your child may reach for the tablet to watch some video at 2 years old, but it never hurts to sternly respond with a, “No!”

The reasons are numerous as to why you should actually take care not to introduce tablets to your children at age 2. Fight the urge to ease the fussing with the convenience of a tablet; muster up a “no” and you'll be thankful you did years down the road.