What to Do If Your Teen is Pregnant

Pregnancy Test

Teen pregnancy is a subject we would all rather avoid but there are times when that isn’t possible.

While this post is about how you can handle teen pregnancy, your daughter should read it as well. Here are some tips that can help her if she discovers she is pregnant.


If your daughter finds that her period is late and she has been sexually active, encourage her to take a pregnancy test. There are tons of them on the market today so pick one up for her and help her through this.


This is the hardest part for your teen because you may not have known she was having sex. It’s critical that you keep your head about you and don’t blame her or yourself.

Communication and letting her know she isn’t alone is very important at this stage. If the test is positive, see an OB/GYN to confirm the pregnancy.

Tell the Baby Daddy

Letting the father know immediately is also important. If he is mature and sensible, he will also help her through this time. If he splits, at least you are there for her.

Abortion vs. Parenting vs. Adoption

This is a very tricky issue to deal with. Some families may not agree with abortion for religious or value based reasons and that’s perfectly fine. If you and your family decide that having the baby is the best option and the father is responsive, make sure the two families get together to discuss the pregnancy and how each family will handle expenses.

This is a time to support your daughter and, hopefully, everyone can be on board with this decision.

Another possibility is giving the child up for adoption if it appears that no one is in a position to support the child.

If you, your daughter, the father and his family decide on an abortion, make sure you have all the information ahead of time and are there to support her during the procedure.

Decision Time

The time for your daughter to decide whether to bring the pregnancy to term or have an abortion is as soon as possible. While making the decision, make sure she has prenatal care in case she decides to continue the pregnancy.

If the decision is to have an abortion, doing so as early as possible is the best way to go.

How You Handle It

Don’t freak out. You may feel shocked and angry but that won’t help her. It may feel like the end of the world but it isn’t. It’s a time when you can rally and be there for your daughter which will deepen your relationship.

But still allow yourself to feel the range of emotions coursing through you. This affects everyone, not just your teen and remember that there is no shame in a new life. You have every right to feel surprised and disappointed but taking it out on your daughter will drive a wedge in your relationship at a time when she really needs you.

Teen pregnancy isn’t always something you’re looking forward to but you and your teen can work through it together.

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