Great Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids

Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids


Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year for kids. Not just for the candy … and who doesn’t love getting a sack of candy? It’s a great time to let your kids’ imaginations run wild on the night when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

Halloween is a way to be creative and have fun with food. Here are some tips for some spooktacular treats to make with your kids. These recipes are courtesy of

Frankenstein Treats

These are super fun and easy to make because it uses prepared cookie dough.


  • Cut some ghoulishly fun shapes from rolled out prepared cookie dough and bake as directed
  • Spread a thin layer of green icing on top of baked cookies
  • Use brown icing and candies to add facial features
  • Secure mini peanut butter cups for that Frankenstein look on either side of the cookies

Spooky Pumpkins

These cookies are similar to the Frankenstein treats in using prepared sugar cookie dough.


  • Cut pumpkin shaped cookies out of prepared sugar cookie dough and bake as directed
  • Spread orange icing on the face of the baked cookies and green icing for the stem
  • Add spooky jack-o’-lantern faces with brown and black icing


Try putting these into Halloween drinks and watch the double takes as kids of all ages walk by.

Take marshmallows and microwave them for 5 seconds at a time to get them soft and then put an M&M right in the center. Perch them on top of the drinks.

Bag of Bones Snack Mix

These bags are great for trick or treaters. Try this:

Smash down some large marshmallows and draw some faces on them with a black food writer. Stick some white pretzels in a bag along with a marshmallow head and seal it. Label the bag with “Bag of Bones” on the outside and enjoy.

Hooting Good Owl Cupcakes

Take some store bought cupcakes and spread them with white frosting. You could also use pre-frosted cupcakes. Place two round raspberry and vanilla sandwich cookies side by side on top of the cupcake. Use some frosting to attach green mini M&Ms for eyes. Use a cashew for a beak and the cover the rest of the cupcake with rows of sliced almonds for feathers.

Open Face Bird Sammies

Give these hearty sandwiches to your troop of trick or treaters before they head out the door:

  • Take two hot meatballs in marinara sauce and place them on top of a split, toasted roll. You could buy the meatballs pre-made as well as the sauce to cut down on prep time
  • Roll two small pieces of cream cheese into balls and press gently onto the front of each meatball
  • Cut pitted ripe black olives into pieces and press a piece into each of the cream cheese balls
  • Cut orange or yellow sweet peppers into pieces and arrange as beaks and eyebrows
  • Use julienned carrots or chives on top as feathers

These treats aren’t tricky and can be made with the help of your kids for a howling great Halloween.

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