Preventing Lice in Children’s Hair

The school year is in full swing, and almost halfway over. Chances are, your kids have brought home everything from happy crafts and loads of homework to germs and sickness. Hopefully you haven't been faced with an outbreak of lice; if you have, you know just how big of a pain it can be. Lice are miserable. The itching and scratching is incessant and inconsolable until they're dead and gone; trust us, if you haven't dealt with it, you'll want to take every precaution in preventing it. Here's what you'll need to do to prevent lice in your child's hair.

Preventing Lice in Children's Hair

Discourage Sharing

It may sound like the complete opposite of what you're trying to teach your child, but it's vital to the health of her head without lice. Lice are transferred by contact, so keeping your child's personal space separate from the rest of her class is key. Label her belongings, specifically clothes, coats, hats, and hair accessories, and teach her that she's never to share them without speaking first with an adult; nor is she to take someone else's stuff. Have a talk with her teacher and ask her to prevent the children from sharing these items (she likely will already).

Keep it All Clean

Lice are simply microscopic bugs that are attracted to dirt and oil and live life laying eggs in their “dens”. For that reason, lice are more prominent in places where dirt and grime run rampant (think inner city slums). You better believe that lice are more likely to find a home in an unclean toboggan rather than a clean one, and once they lay their eggs, they spread like wildfire. For that reason, make a habit of washing clothes, hats, gloves, scarves regularly, and keeping your home clean.

Mayonnaise Will Do the Trick

If you've seen your child scratching a bit, but you're not convinced that lice is the culprit, take an extra precaution before you dismiss it all together: cover her head in mayonnaise. In extreme cases where head lice has become a major problem, mayonnaise may not do the trick (you'll want to spring for a chemical applicant like Rit), but mayo is perfect for the beginnings of an outbreak. Mayonnaise is thick, it's heavy, and it will suffocate the life out of each louse that's trying to take up residence and lay eggs in the hair. Allow the mayonnaise to set for an hour before rinsing it out and then gently combing through with a very fine comb to pull out any nits (egg sacks) and lice carcasses.

Cut it Short

If you're still pretty paranoid about your child contracting lice, keep their hair short. Long hair touches more, so it's much more likely to come away with an infestation than, say, shoulder length hair on a girl, or buzzed hair for a boy. It's extreme, but eliminating a lice “den” all together will definitely do the trick.

Take the proactive steps necessary to prevent your child from being a victim of a dreaded lice infestation. They will thank you (and you will thank yourself) in the long run.

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How to Get Your Husband to Help in the House

How to Get Your Husband to Help in the House

Marriage can be hard work.  Maintaining a clean and orderly home is hard work.  And combining the two can be an exhausting challenge in patience and communication!  Some husbands help with the housework voluntarily, but because the women are often presumed to be the primary house managers in our culture, we are primarily addressing this article to the many wives who wish they knew how to get their husbands to help out more around the house.


You’re Thinking It All Wrong


The Bad News First

Unfortunately, you’re likely starting off with a wrong assumption.  The top complaint from most wives when it comes to asking for help around the house is…


“I shouldn’t have to ask!”

But you do have to ask…repeatedly.

Whether it’s a reality created by men’s cultural expectations of “Yay! I now have someone to cook and clean and do my laundry for me as well as give me sex!” or their brains truly aren’t capable of seeing that pile of laundry partially blocking their view of the Sunday afternoon game, we couldn’t say for sure.  But the fact remains: you have to ask.


No Hags, Nags, Or Waving White Flags


How to Ask

No wife wants to be thought of as a nagging hag and we are certainly not telling you to just give up and accept your lot in life!  So here are a few tips on how to ask while avoiding those two extremes that bring with them much hesitancy, fear and trepidation.


  • Ask with adoration.  Honest! Assume that your husband loves you and wants to help if only you would ask!  And if this backfires, just humbly confess your assumption.
  • Ask matter-of-factly like you might ask your accountant if you could borrow his pen.  Take all the emotion out of it and assume that the request is reasonable.
  • Ask plainly and simply as you might ask a foreign exchange student who barely understands English.
  • Ask with bribery.  We hear the promise of sex can be effective.


Yes, we hope you are laughing at how painfully true these suggestions are and here are a few more practical suggestions:


  • Ask one or two things at a time only. Men tend to think in lots of little boxes and they seem to go bonkers when asked to multi-task too many things at once.
  • Assume that they are fully capable of figuring it out on their own and leave them be. Of course, men tend to avoid asking for help which often concerns us and makes it even more ironic that they insist we do so in this crazy love relationship.  However, life can be a great teacher and just remember that a broken washing machine is not the end of the world.
  • And talk about it before you both get frustrated. Talk about your expectations, communicate clearly what you it is that you want and work on a compromise.


Really, the last one is the most important.  Oh, and the laughing.  Keep laughing and you’ll find a way.  We promise.