How to Have a Happy and Safe Halloween


Halloween is synonymous with sugar. The whole idea of trick or treat is really mostly treat so kids always look forward to this holiday.

Here are a few tips to keep your kids – no matter what age – happy and safe halloween as they scour the neighborhood for candy.

Costume Choices are Critical

When choosing a store bought costume make sure it repels fire and if you’re making it at home, ask the sales clerk about whether the material is fire resistant. This goes for material, wigs and masks.

One of the scariest things that can happen to a smaller child is that the mask she is wearing obscures her vision. Opt for a mask with large eye and mouth holes or, better yet, use a hypoallergenic face paint instead.

Light colors are easier for drivers to spot on dark streets and slapping some reflective tape on a costume will give you added peace of mind.

For smaller kids, make sure they aren’t wearing high heeled shoes that could be a trip hazard. And any props like wands should be short and flexible.

Safety First

Kids under 12 should have a chaperone or go in a group with an adult. Older tweens and teens should have a curfew.

If your kids plan to go trick or treating with a group, ask who she will be with and what the planned route is. And reinforce that she should call you from time to time just to check in and let you know she’s okay. If possible, suggest that the group go up a well-lit street on one side and down the other side to avoid crisscrossing the street.

Talk about what might happen if she is invited inside the home of people she doesn’t know and give her a way to back away from a situation like that easily.


Check the Loot Before They Eat It

Sift through the booty before doling some out to your kids. Not only will this give you a chance to see what’s there, you can pick through the pieces you like too.

Toss any candy with a torn or loose wrapper. Unless you know that your neighbor made the toffee apples, dump anything that isn’t wrapped.

If you think your child will scarf down candy on the go, try filling him up with pasta or pizza before he heads out the door.

You might talk with your kid about giving some of her Halloween candy to kids who are home bound or hospitalized and can’t go trick or treating.

Stress Free Visitors

For your home, make sure to use battery powered candles or, if you want to light a carved pumpkin, a votive candle is safest.

Make sure to pick up any rugs that could cause a trick or treater to trip and light up your porch and walkway for good access.

Carving Up Ol’ Jack

Pumpkin carving is a great activity with your kids but must be supervised. Let littler kids scoop out the innards with their hands. Pick up any flesh and seeds that fall to the floor and remember to save the seeds for roasting.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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