Four Vegetarian Meals your Family will Love

One of the greatest misconceptions in cooking, at least at home, is that you cannot cook a good meal without using meat. If you are trying to cut the meat out, then learning to make vegetarian meals is definitely a must, but what happens when your family loves meat and you absolutely need to convince them that vegetarian meals are the better way? Don’t worry, there are several vegetarian dishes that are just as good as a fresh ground hamburger or a juicy steam, and we are going to cover four of them.

Veggie Burgers

Vegetarian Pizza

Pizza is a staple of the food world, and no one can argue that. The best part about it, other than the fact that it can be absolutely delicious, is that it doesn’t cost very much to make. Other than mixing some ingredients in a bowl and hoping for the best, a pizza really is one of the best ways to get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need in one item.

A vegetarian pizza can consist of any number of items. If you know how to cook a pizza, then you’re already halfway there. Most of the ingredients you need can be obtained at your local grocery store, from the frozen crust, to the marinara sauce, the cheese, and even the vegetables. The best part about a pizza, even a vegetarian pizza, is that you can make it either very simple, or very complex. You can even make your own crust if you don’t fancy using a frozen one. It doesn’t matter who you are or what type of family you have, pizza is always a people pleaser.


Honestly, when isn’t chili a great meal idea? It is great any time of the year, though especially in the cold winter months. This is another food however that suffers under the misconception that it absolutely must contain meat in order to be worth anything. Such an assumption is not only insulting to the chili dish itself, but also robs you of a number of different culinary opportunities.

Making a vegetarian chili simply involves using various ingredients, such as canned black beans, bell peppers, tomato sauce, or chili powder (or all of them ) in lieu of meat. It’s all in how you flavor it! In addition to that, you can use white beans if you wish to create a white chili. Don’t forget the cheese and sour cream; you’re going to need it!


These are always a popular treat in Mexican restaurants, but they can be just as fun made at home. They only use a few basic ingredients which include:

  • Flour Tortillas
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Spread

The spread, of course, can be virtually anything you want, and once you have made your quesadilla you can either cook it on the stove or in a press, depending upon what you happen to have on hand. Remember to keep the cheese away from the edges of the tortillas as it could drip while you are cooking. Also remember that you can make your quesadillas either entirely with cheese, or you can go so far as to add vegetables, bell peppers, or anything you want, so long as you leave the meat out of it.

Veggie Burgers

Let’s be honest, this is what you came here for. Who doesn’t love a nice, juicy hamburger without the ham? We know we do! Veggie burgers can be made from a number o different items including:

  • Black Beans
  • White Beans
  • Potatoes

This is a very short list, and you must understand that they can be made from any vegetable that can be mashed up. Something to note however, is that you must use a binder such as egg whites, breadcrumbs, or farina. While you might bind them properly, they are a bit more delicate than the real thing, so be very careful when you are cooking them.

These are only a few of the meal ideas that you can use to treat your family to the best of the vegetarian world. Explore more recipes and get your family ready for an entirely new culinary life!

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