4 Ways to Make The Talk Less Uncomfortable For Your Teen

The Talk can be very uncomfortable for both parents and teens. Yet, if you want your kid to make the best decisions about sex, the sex talk is absolutely necessary. Here are four tips to make The Talk more comfortable for your teen.

Start The Talk Early

Start talking to your child about sex early in their lives. Make it an on going conversation throughout their lives, instead of just a one and done talk. While you want to start the talk early, you need to ensure that you are adjusting the details and content to fit your child’s age. However, as a teen, they are ready to know all the details, as they (may) be starting to become or wanting to become sexually active.

Teen Conversation

Time and Location are Key

When having The Talk with you teen, you need to make sure of two things: time and location. In terms of time, you need to make sure that there is enough time! On the way to soccer practice will not be enough time. While it may be appealing to you because there will be an easy exit, when practice starts, it will not leave enough time for your child to ask questions and they may feel rushed. The location is also important, as your child needs to be in a comfortable space. This could be at the dinner table, if your child is an only child, if you have other siblings, you may choose a more private location, like a walk in the park.

Admit The Talk Is Awkward

Tell your teen that you think the talk is awkward too. What was it like when your parent(s) had the talk with you? Also, how you are uncomfortable talking to your teen about sex, too! This will allow you to find common ground with your teen and make the whole situation less uncomfortable. State that while it is important, it is an important discussion to talk about because you want to unsure that they are making the best decisions.

It’s A Conversation, Not A Lecture

In many cases, parents will lay down the do’s and don’ts about sex and leave it at that. They go over what their expectations and beliefs are about sex and their teen, but never really give their teen the chance to voice their opinions, thoughts, or pressures. If you make this talk a lecture, they are just going to start blocking you out and not paying attention, and he or she will not ask you the important questions they are wanting to know. After each of your main points, if you are setting it up lecture style, you will need to have pauses throughout the talk to turn the tables and get your teen talking. Start asking them questions so that they have to talk and you can make sure you both are on the same page.